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Easy Make Up Looks to Wear to a Wedding

Easy Make Up Looks to Wear to a Wedding

Easy Make Up Looks to Wear to a Wedding

Determining how to do your makeup when you are a wedding guest can be a challenge. The key to achieving the best makeup look for a wedding is all about finding the right balance. The ideal is glowing, lit from within skin, softly accentuated features, and colors that work together in harmony. Let the chunky glitter and blue lipstick sit this one out. Photos and videos will be taken that will be shared for generations to come, you do not want your makeup to look dated, so keep it as harmonious and fresh as possible. Below, we are sharing easy makeup looks to wear to a wedding and maintain a harmonious look.

Glowy, Bronzed Skin

Glowing skin is something you want every day, not just when you are at a wedding , and you can achieve that with a glow enhancer and a bronzer . A bronze natural makeup look is just the thing to lift the spirits. Bronze glowy makeup makes you look naturally tanned by lending warmth and colour to the areas of your face that would normally be touched by the sun. The bronze glowy makeup looks are ideal for celebrations for any time of the day, taking you from casual day chic to beautiful queenly chic in minutes.

Nude Eyeshadow

If you are a millennial, you probably already swear by the mantra that less is more. Nude makeup is the new trend which is making waves and is definitely here to stay. Nude makeup basically means simplifying your makeup colour palette, using neutral colours that match your skin perfectly and covering imperfections without going overboard. For a classic, timeless eyeshadow look, opt for nude eyeshadow shades in three finishes: shimmer, matte, and sheen. Play around with the hues that complement your skin and eye colour best for an alluring wedding makeup look.

Dramatic Lashes

Lashes can elevate your entire wedding look in seconds, so make sure to use a mascara that can help you build big and bold eyelashes. Volumizing mascaras are the key to creating a falsies effect without ever having to reach for the lash glue. In addition to several other eye-enhancing effects, volumizing formulas are great for everyone. They are the quickest way to bring instant attention to the eyes without a lot of effort.

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Reverse Cat Eye

Turn up the look of a classic winged liner by creating a reverse cat eye instead. In achieving this look, go for velvety browns on the lid to accentuate your eye shape and finish with a big, bold reverse cat eye. If you love the smokey look, smudge out the eyeliner with a pencil brush and black eyeshadow.

Peach Pout

If you are looking for a lip color that is not too bold but also not bland, opt for a soft peach preferably one with some shine to give your pout a plumped look. Peach lips are also a wedding beauty staple and they pair well with almost any outfit and can be customized to your liking.

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