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DIY Green Tea and Cucumber Eye Gel Recipe

DIY Green Tea and Cucumber Eye Gel Recipe

People should utilize DIY green tea and cucumber gel and replace the toner during their nighttime routines. Gels relieve dryness and soreness by producing a fine transparent film around the eye.  Moreover, the cucumber sap in the gel eliminates the bags that form under the eyes. The green tea is rich in antioxidants and radicals that reduce aging lines. Although people can use this routine at any time of the day, it is best at night due to its sticky property. However, if one prefers using it in the morning, it is best to practice it 15-20 minutes before makeup application. Below we have stated the various ingredients that are essential in making the DIY green tea and cucumber eye gel.

Ingredients for the Eye Gel

13 ml of cucumber sap

1 gm of green tea extract

1.5 gm glycerin

25 gm xanthan gum

0.2 gm preservative

Importance of various ingredients

Green Tea Extract

Green tea is a natural stimulant that helps keep the skin under the eye firm and strong. It is also a great antioxidant that promotes better blood circulation thus promoting youthfulness.

Cucumber Sap

Cucumber sap is a good soothing agent and prevents irritation around the eye region.

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Xanthan Gum

Xanthan gum is a great gelling agent.


Preservative inhibits microbial growth.

The Procedure for Making the Eye Gel

  1. Mix the cucumber sap and the green tea extract in a clear container.
  • Using a different glass vessel, mix the xanthan gum and the glycerin thoroughly until it forms a thick gel.
  • Mix the thick gel mixture of xanthan gum and glycerin with the cucumber and green tea extract mixture. Add little by little till it forms a thick gel.
  • Stir up the mixture until the visible lumps disperse into the mixture until it becomes smooth.
  • Once the mixture is consistent, add the preservative and mix in thoroughly.
  • Once all blended it is ready for use. Note that, with the preservative it can last up to a year.
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