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Different Ways to Vamp Up Your Home Workout Routines
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Different Ways to Vamp Up Your Home Workout Routines

Currently, home workout routines are the best option, especially due to the rising cases of coronavirus cases globally. Gym doors remain locked during this period as people try to adjust to the stay at home directives. Exercises can reduce the risk of acute respiratory distress syndrome; a major cause of death in patients with coronavirus. Additionally, regular work out routines can improve muscular fitness, reduce body fat, and increase aerobic capacity. Besides, bodyweight exercises can help you become flexible, grow core strength, and enhance spatial awareness. Below, we have some of the different ways of vamping up your home workout routines.

Try New Moves

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New work out routines can improve your daily life by strengthening your muscles and preparing them for different tasks and activities. Strong muscles and ligaments reduce the risk of joint and lower back pain.

Work with Your Speed

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When doing workouts such as squats and pushups that involve lowering oneself, increase the time that you spend before pressing back to the original position. For instance, when doing press-ups, delay by getting back up by 6 seconds then press back to start in 1 second. This technique could result in muscle and tissue breakdown, create mass, and maintain your body strength.

Incorporate Plyometric Exercises

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The plyometric exercises involve repeated rapid stretching and contracting of muscles. A good form of plyometric exercises included jumping and rebounding to increase muscle power. Such exercises play a critical role in the development of power for performance. They also increase muscle strength and improve explosive movements such as running, jumping, and kicking.

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Add Some Instability

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Adding unstable surfaces for the sake of increased core engagement is complex, but interesting. However, if people fail to perform the exercise correctly, instability can also be detrimental to performance and can cause negative outcomes such as injuries to self.  

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