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Diani Beach Festival

Diani Beach Festival

We all love a bit of an adrenaline rush, live music, and interactive gatherings once in a while. Well, here’s good news – your holiday is about to get a whole lot bigger and better. Pushing the Kenyan entertainment and tourism industry boundaries, Diani Beach Festival / DBF is one to watch out for. Already in its 3rd week, the festival is scheduled to last up until the 1st of January 2018.


The festival is geared to showcase to the world the incredible experience that a small beach town in Kwale has to offer – on the most famous beaches in Kenya. The festival is taking place at Alliance Safari Beach Hotel where there will be bars, lounges, restaurant, Xmas shopping stalls, VIP areas – and is also acting as a host to huge entertainment programs incorporating international, regional and domestic talent.


Diani Beach Festival will be the hub for both day and night activities and the best part – wait for it – it’s suitable for all ages! It will be offering something for everyone, whether you’re with family, with friends or looking for a thrill-seeking experience.

Expect adrenaline-pumping and fun-filled activities such as Quad biking, Skydiving, Slack-line park, Yoga, Beach volleyball, Jet skis, Fly boarding, Scuba diving, Deep sea fishing and the list goes on and on.


For my nocturnal brothers and sisters, the line up has the best local and international artistes such as Vanessa Mdee, Malin Linnea, Gloria Ansell, Elvis Who, Alisha Popat, Foozak and many more.


With more than 10,000 visitors expected at the festival, don’t forget to grab your tickets and see your holiday come to life – literally!

See you there

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