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Decoding what your pimples say.

Decoding what your pimples say.

*Sigh* This.Cannot.Be.Happening. Breakouts! Argh. We’ve all been there, period. Well, most of us. Getting recurring pimples on certain areas of our face and having no clue as to how and why it happened. Beautiful, glowing skin is more than just skin-deep. It involves how the organs in the body are working together to achieve a healthy metabolism.

The concept of face-mapping is one that originates from Asia – an ancient Chinese medical technique that dates back thousands of years. This technique was and still is used to identify the points of breakouts, as a reflection of what’s going on in the body.

Here are specific areas on the face that show reasons for prevailing breakouts.

  1. Forehead: The Digestive System

Pimples that appear on this region of the face are said to be a digestive issue that depicts difficulty in breaking down certain ingested foods. Other possible reasons may be an irregular sleep schedule or stress. If it’s a digestive issue, eat papaya before each meal to help in breaking down the food. If you suspect it’s a sleeping issue, get at least 8 hours of sleep per night.

  1. Between the brows: Liver Organ

Pimples in this area are linked to liver issues or liver stress. This is caused by a diet high on fatty foods, excessive intake of alcohol or simply eating late. Try eating a healthy balanced diet and drink hot water with lemon every morning.

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  1. Cheeks: Respiratory System

Pimples on this particular region depict a respiratory issue linked to under the skin congestion caused by high pollution in the air and smoking. It can also be caused by the bacteria on your phone which happens when you press your phone against your skin. Clean your phone at least, once every two days and wash your face before you sleep.

  1. Chin: Gynecological System

Do you have those recurring breakouts on the chin at THAT time of the month?Breakouts on the chin may depict a hormonal response to the menstrual cycle. Eat foods that regulate the hormonal cycle whole grains, oily fish, fruits and vegetables.

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