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Crafts by Maasai Duka

Crafts by Maasai Duka

Maasai Duka is a fair trade social enterprise for artisans in villages and slums, that helps create a marketing platform for their handmade crafts. Their artisans struggle to survive, with a majority of them living in the marginalized parts of the country, Kenya.  Often, they are victims of war bearing both emotional and physical scars.

They have the artistic skill, but lack economic empowerment as well as access to a marketplace. Maasai Duka has now helped create a link between these artists and the clients and as a result, helped them develop new opportunities and create sustainable income to support their families

Every craft you encounter from them; is handmade with love and has a great story beneath of the producer. Maasai Duka targets all markets. They sell a wide range of products that will accrue to any individual. Currently however, their markets are based in America with a target of expanding to Europe and North America by the end of 2017.

The Maasai Duka organization works toward building lasting partnerships based on trust.  As they uphold the communities’ customs and culture; Maasai Duka helps them market high quality, unique crafts and ethnic art, while ensuring that their work is both economically and environmentally sustainable.

As much as they respect the artists’ creativity, they also offer design and product suggestions to increase marketability.

Maasai Duka follows the core principles as outlined by the Fair-Trade Federation and the World Fair Trade Organization. Artisans are paid gauging from the number of hours put into their work. Artisans receive fair wages for their work, and prices are set so they can invest in the growth of their business.  Artisans also receive an advance on their products, and that way are able to purchase the materials they need. The profits percentage is agreed upon by artisans depending on the target they want to achieve e.g. sponsoring kids to school, Eco tourist village.

Maasai Duka hopes to provide hope for impoverished people around the world, giving them dignity through earned income.

For more information  also follow their crafts @maasaiduka.




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