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Cool Ways to Rock the Utility Vest

Cool Ways to Rock the Utility Vest

Initially, people mainly wore the utility vest during weekends, especially while fishing. However, currently, it has become an aesthetically driven attire. Celebrities cannot seem to go anywhere without it and neither can we! The utility vest has become a must-have attire in all guy’s wardrobes. Additionally, the love for pockets has propelled this trend since it is convenient and offers a comfortable look for guys. If you are considering this singular style appearance, we have highlighted on cool ways in which you can rock the utility vest.

Keep it simple

People should pair utility vests with simple T-shirts in order to retain a straightforward ensemble. The attire matches well with a refined pair of camo pants since it adds a nice contrast. Additionally, a simple chain around the neck significantly improves the overall appearance.

Pair it with a long-sleeved tee

Pair a utility vest with a long-sleeve white tee in order to maintain a simple theme. There is no need to wear oversized ones, but always ensure that it offers a relaxed feel. Besides, people can upgrade the appearance with some streetwear friendly fitting sweatpants. 

Try on beige color

The beige color utility vest has military origins and that is why it comes in cotton canvas. It is a perfect complement for the hoodie since it makes people stand out.

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Kit yourself out

This vest makes one appear as if they are headed for battle. It often contains an overabundance of straps, buckles and additional field gear, which makes a statement about war. The combination of military-inspired gear with a beautiful cross-body bag brews a beautiful look.

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