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Cool Eye shadows that Match the Mauve Color Lipstick
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Cool Eye shadows that Match the Mauve Color Lipstick

Individuals require time, practice and patience to master the art of creating cool eye shadows. Secondly, mauve is a pale purplish/pink color with gray overtones and it has become a trend in the lipstick world. Consequently, if you combine it with different eye shadows , it could spark up a magical look. Therefore, in order to attain the perfect eye shadow, you should choose the best hues that are based on one’s eye color and shape. Below we have highlighted some cool eye shadows that match with the mauve lipstick.

Beige Eye shadow

The combination of mauve lipstick with beige eyeshadow is an unmatched cool look. Moreover, while the color coordination brings a charming look to the eyes, the mauve lipstick adds some depth to it. Therefore, besides being sexy, this combination is also appealing.

Grey eye shadow

If you are thinking of rocking mauve, you might as well wear the grey eyeshadow shade.  The grey eyeshadow unveils the hidden undertone of the eye color and makes them appear dreamy. Moreover, it makes one’s face appear angelic.

Light mauve eye shadow

The light mauve shade on the lips creates an effect that drives beauty-obsessed babes wild. This light mauve hue is not just pretty, but also, comfortable. You cannot deny the fact that the majority of the ladies feel so powerful and sexy wearing the mauve eye shadow and lipstick. This matching color coordination is appropriate for dinner, dates and weddings.

Black Eyeliner

If you are confused about the dark eyeliner, the mauve color would be the perfect combination. It brings a lot of attention and stares to one’s lips.

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Brown Eye shadow

There is nothing sexier than wearing a brown eye shadow and combining it with mauve lipstick! It is a combo that will make you feel good about your appearance.

Bright Eye shadow

Mauve lipstick is a perfect choice for the holidays, events and dates. Moreover, it blends well with bright yellow eyeshadow color since it makes one appear more charming and heavenly.

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