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Congolese Fashion Designer Creates First 3D Runway Show
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Congolese Fashion Designer Creates First 3D Runway Show

Recently, Congolese fashion Designer, Anifa Mvuemba, the owner of Hanifa Brands, blew and changed the fashion industry by using a 3D runway show. She showcased cat-walks of her designs on Instagram live using technological prototypes. Generally, she intends that her pieces remind people to be meaningful and intentional about what they design and create. As such, below we have highlighted on her journey and inspirations as an upcoming designer.

Anifa Mvuemba had plans for launching the 3D runway show before the coronavirus; however, she was a bit hesitant due to the pandemic. During an interview with Vogue magazine, she mentioned that she became anxious and felt like it was insensitive to create and share her new collections online while people were facing difficult realities. Anyway, below we have highlighted some samples from her latest designs, the pink collection.

Colorful backless dress representing the Congo flag colors

Anifa Mvuemba used her Hanifabridal platform to raise the awareness of the illegal mining activities and its impact on the citizens of Congo. The documentary highlights the harsh mineral site conditions, and how women and children suffer due to illegal mining. In essence, she designed the above colorful backless dress with the Congo flag colors to highlight the plight of the women and children involved in the mining of Cobalt. The red color represents pain and suffering, blue means peace, while yellow shows hope. She intended that this design encourages the Congolese people to remain hopeful and feel empowered.

Zaire Denim Top and Trouser

Curve Hugging Maxi Dress with Detailed Pockets

The above design is a curve-hugging maxi dress with detailed pockets.

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Floor Length Silk Gown Decorated with Grassy Hills And Rivers

Her floor-length silk gown decorated with grassy hills and rivers design.

Her 3D Runway Show

Using her designs, Anifa Mvuemba asserts that it requires a great amount of attention-to-detail for clothes to fit. She has significantly impacted the fashion world with her new 3D prototypes cat-walks. Moreover, she has inspired designers and players in the fashion industry to find innovative ways of improving the sector.

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