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Common Eyebrow Mistakes and Fixes

Common Eyebrow Mistakes and Fixes

Indeed, a pretty pair of eyebrows can define your face or bring out your eyes; but, when you make common eyebrow mistakes such as making them too thin, dark, or unruly, they can detract more than complement you. Therefore, whether you are a seasoned brow enthusiast or someone learning to define your brows for the first time, you should know that it is an art. Therefore, it can take a while to nail the look you want, and in the process, you can also make mistakes. As such, below, we have highlighted some of the common eyebrow mistakes and their fixes.

Over-plucking Your Brows

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Some people obsess over making their eyebrows look the same with waxing, threading, and tweezing, thus leaving them sparse and over-plucked. Let us remind you that your eyebrows are supposed to be sisters and not twins. Therefore, if you accidentally over-pluck your brows, leave them alone for a while and let them grow back. For sure, once they are fuller, you can shape them to ensure that the length, angle, and thickness are close to the same, without going overboard.  You can also recreate bold brows using a brow pomade. A brow pomade thickens, shapes, and fills sparse eyebrows for a more natural look. Also, make sure to use the fine tip angled brush included to help create small hair-like strokes that will mimic the look of real eyebrow hairs.  

Going Too Dark With Your Brow Filler

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Use eyebrow products that are a shade lighter than your natural hair color. For sure, using a tone that is too dark can make your eyebrow makeup look a bit blocky and drawn on; instead of natural and effortless. Lighter tones look more natural and are more forgiving. Additionally, if you have dark hair, opt for a cooler medium-toned brown. Indeed, brows should complement the face and not overpower your features.

Filling in Brows before they are Properly Groomed

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Moreover, some people try to fill in their brows when they grow and it makes it hard for them since they do not have a guideline. If it has been months since you got your brows groomed, then waxing or threading can make the entire filling in the process so much easier and faster as the shape will be obvious. 

Starting the Eyebrow Arch in the Wrong Spot

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An aesthetically appealing eyebrow shape is defined by its arch, which is located near the junction between the medial two-thirds and lateral one-third of the eyebrow. Indeed, outlining the eyebrow arch too close to the center of your face can make your eyes look angrier than accentuated. Therefore, to rectify this, you must pinpoint the three key parts of your eyebrow the head, the arch and the neck. The eyebrow head is the section closest to your nose, the arch is where your brow is the highest, and the tail region is nearest to the outer corner of your eye. Mark those regions using a micro liner and use your nose as the origin, this builds the balance and the symmetry your eyebrows deserve.

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Using too Much Product

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Furthermore, applying too much product to the eyebrows will leave you with unnatural brows that can look overly dramatic. Therefore, you should always start by using the minimal product and then build up to your desired look. You can also use a spoolie brush to gently comb through your brows and lightly blend the product out. 

Using Brow Stencils

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Eyebrow stencils seem like a great way to attain the perfect eyebrow shape. However, eyebrow stencils can make your eyebrow look so unnatural. Your eyebrows may look too short, thin, thick, or angular. Therefore, to fix an unflattering look created from using a stencil, let your brows grow back into their natural shape and then apply products following the natural shape for the most flattering look for your face.

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