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Chic and Classy Outfits For Her During Ramadhan
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Chic and Classy Outfits For Her During Ramadhan

Mixing and matching modest with trendy pieces provides a unique look, especially for Muslim women during Ramadhan. Kimono, white trousers, satin suits, and ruffles are some of the top fashion trends that will spice up your looks. Below we have highlighted some of the chic and classy dress codes for her during Ramadhan.

The Long Kimono Robe

Beaded Tan Abaya | Modern Abayati

The kimono robe is a perfect layering piece for Muslim ladies who wants to be stylish. Traditional Japanese robes inspired the modern kimonos designs that contain cool bold colors. It ideally suits ladies who want to look feminine and elegant. The Kimono comes in a variety of colors and prints and people can wear it with almost any cloth.

White Trousers

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White trousers are for the ladies who adore a minimal look. You can pair the white trousers with long kimonos and heels to achieve a fashionable look.

Silk and Satin Suit

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The clean, crisp, and figure-hugging classic suit is for modern Muslim women. Apart from being soft and silky, tailors often structure them to precision.

White Top and Ruffled Skirt

sohamt Pinterest @khairahscorner (With images) | Fashion clothes ...

The 90’s ruffles skirt is back in fashion fresher than ever. The combination of cool ruffled skirts with white cotton tops and black heels is amazing.

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Hijab Dress

Nayla Collection - Mustard Hijab Dress 1668HR -

The hijab dress is perfect all season round for all Muslim ladies. This attire not only looks fantastic but is also ideal for achieving a gorgeous appearance. Moreover, hijab dresses come in a variety of colors and prints and are appropriate for girls of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

Heavy knit Polyester dresses and Converse All-stars

Pin by Novany Imaniar on Muslim women | Hijabi outfits, Sporty ...

Nothing defines a modern Muslim lady appearance than a heavy knit long dress. To complement the amazing look, put on a pair of converse all-stars rubbers shoes.

White Top Tucked in Pastel Blue Pleated Culottes Pants and Oversized Denim 

white top tucked in pastel blue pleated pants, oversized denim ...

Culottes are cool trendy wear for Muslim ladies who prefer to be extra. Though it is a street style, it is cute especially when paired with a white t-shirt, an oversized denim top, and white rubber shoes.

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