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Brisk Ways to Rock the Tassel Loafers

Brisk Ways to Rock the Tassel Loafers

The tassel loafers is a classic slip-on style type of shoe that features knotted laces that hang from the vamp. Although, most of these laces are decorative by design, some, especially the frayed ones, are functional. These shoes are either made of leather or suede. Tassel loafers enhance an irresistibly off-duty masculine accent to people’s suits. Below we have highlighted some of the ways that you can briskly wear your tasseled loafers.

Do Not Wear Them with Socks and Pleated Khakis

The choice of one’s attire matters when wearing the tassel loafers. For instance, suede shoes appear great with no socks, while leather ones greatly match with jeans or casual trousers. People should avoid wearing them with socks and pleated khakis.

Pair Them with Shorts

The key is to rocking tassel loafers is to make sure that you are wearing them in a way that exudes style and portrays a certain sense of ease. Therefore, medium brown penny loafers can look great with a pair of blue or cream shorts. 

Wear them with a Blazer and Khaki Trousers

Who said one cannot make a fashion statement with a casual getup? People can match the shoes with a navy blue blazer and white skinny jeans.

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Rock it with a Suit

A grey blazer and dress pants are absolute essentials if you want to own a classy closet that high sartorial standards. Blazers and dress pants match well with these shoes

Pair it with Jeans and a Blazer

People should pair the tassel loafers with a beige blazer and blue skinny jeans. This combination is easy and cheap to achieve, yet it looks amazing.

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