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Best Home Waxing Kits for Smooth Hair Removal
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Best Home Waxing Kits for Smooth Hair Removal

Waxing kits are essential for home beauty routines since they assist to remove hair in targeted body parts. Waxing pulls out the roots and thus slows down hair regrowth leaving your skin lustrous, soft and smooth. Unfortunately, especially during this coronavirus pandemic, most people are stuck at home cannot attend to their waxing appointments. However, the good news is that high-quality waxing products cost less than regular waxing appointments. Note, some people may be allergic to some of the ingredients in the waxing products. Therefore, a spot test on a small section of your skin can be useful in determining how your skin might react to home waxing kits.  Below we have highlighted some of the best home waxing kits for hair removal.

Wax Master Crème Wax Tea Tree

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Wax Master Creme Wax with Tea Tree Oil is a waxing kit that leaves skin silky smooth and protects it from dryness and irritation. Additionally, this product contains the soothing and healing properties of Tea Tree Oil. The Wax Master melts at low temperatures to allow for more comfortable treatments. The thinner application improves adhesion for hair removal.

Clicks Wax Strips for Bikini and Underarm

Clicks Wax Strips Bikini & Underarm 20 Strips - Clicks

Clicks Wax Strips for Bikini and Underarm are supplemented with calming geranium oil for gentle, yet effective hair removal. Also, this pack has pre-wax wipes that enable cleansing before and after waxing.

Mandy’s Soft Feel Wax Strips 

Mandy's Original Wax Strips Face 20 - Clicks

Mandy’s soft feel wax strips effectively remove unwanted facial hair and are enriched with juniper berry extracts that have soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits.  The soft fill fabric strips adhere to the contours of your face and are conveniently pre-cut for smaller areas. These ready-to-use strips leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and pampered.

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Hard Wax Beans

China Painless Strips Wax Hard Wax Beans Hot Wax Hard Hair Removal ...

Hard Wax Beans can remove 99% of the hairs at one time. It is easy to use since you just need a wax heater pot and a spatula to apply the wax to your hair. This product has natural wax ingredients that will not harm your health and people can use it for the face, arm, armpit, leg and bikini edge area.

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