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Benefits of Wearing Head Wraps

Benefits of Wearing Head Wraps

Head wraps and turbans have become quite trendy in the fashion industry, unlike during the pre-colonial era when it was a symbol of status, marriage and family lineage in many sub-Saharan African cultures. What is a Kikoi for East Africans is dukus for Ghanaians and doek for South Africans. There are several benefits of wearing a head wrap apart from being a great quick fix hair accessory. Also, as more women are preferring to go natural with their hair, the need for head wraps is continually rising. As such, below we have highlighted the benefits of wearing head wraps in everyday lifestyle.

The Hair Becomes Healthier

Hair wraps protect the hair from damage due to elements such as rain, wind and excessive sunlight. Wind and sunlight weaken the hair strands. Moreover, winds blow away the oil that the scalp produces to promote healthy hair roots. Therefore, a hair wrap will protect your hair from split ends and breakages thus leaving it looking lustrous and healthy.

Less Hair Damage from Everyday Styling

Frequent blow-dry and flat irons will be a thing of the past once you have incorporated a head wrap into your style. The wraps reduce the need for hair strands pulling thus preventing hair damage.

Frequent Hair Washing Will Be Unnecessary

Frequent hair washing weakens the strands and robs the hair of essential oils. As a result, the hair overproduces oil which then makes it to trap more dirt, pollutants, and foreign substances floating in the air. Hence, a head wrap will shield you against those pollutant agents and germs.

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Head Wraps Prevent Tangles in Your Hair

Head wraps prevent tangles of the hair, especially at night. As you sleep, the hair gets tangled by the pillow and the blanket. Serious tangles can be time-consuming as you style your hair in the morning. The tangles can also cause easy hair breakage.  

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