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Benefits of Using a Charcoal Face Mask
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Benefits of Using a Charcoal Face Mask

Most people have seen charcoal masks in the beauty aisles but may not understand its benefits. This specific mask is a face conceal whose main ingredient is activated charcoal, a natural detoxifying ingredient. The mask draws bacteria, toxins, chemicals, dirt, oil, and other micro-particles to the surface of the skin, then absorbs foreign substances, which wash off as you rinse.

The charcoal face mask has various skincare benefits and certainly adds as a valuable must-have product. Below are the three biggest benefits of the charcoal face mask.

It can help pull out the buildup of impurities.

Dirt, oil, pollution, and micro-particles impurities can build upon the surface of your skin, and make one’s face look dull. Fortunately, a charcoal face mask can help remove the buildup and leave the skin clean with unclogged pores that breathe better.

It helps in brightening the appearance of the skin.

Over time, severe environmental factors like pollution can destroy the skin and leave one’s complexion looking dull and tired. Therefore, facial cleansers are not sufficient to deal with this problem; instead, use a charcoal face mask as it increases facial glow.

It promotes smoother looking skin.

Lastly, charcoal face masks promote a smooth appearance of the skin.

Best charcoal mask to add to your skin care routine

Now that you recognize the benefits of charcoal masks, it is essentially important to understand the best types that exist. The Garnier Pure Active Intensive 3 in 1 Charcoal Mask is a good brand and it is available at 25th Hive Kenya, Carrefour, and Good Life Stores. Secondly, MAC Cosmetics Charcoal Mask is available at all MAC stores, and L’Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Detox and Brighten Face Mask are available at L’Oréal stores across major malls in Africa. All of these products are formulated with three types of clay and charcoal, and they make the skin glow and look brighter. It is recommendable to mask twice or thrice a week for best results.

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The process of using a charcoal mask

Here are the step by step procedures of using the charcoal mask on your face;

Step 1: Cleanse Your Face.

Before using the charcoal face mask, utilize a mild facial cleanser like L’Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Detox & Brighten Cleanser. Put some cleanser on your palms and add water to form a gel, then gently massage on your face and clean it off using cold or warm water.

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Step 2: Apply The Face mask

After cleansing your face, apply an even layer of the charcoal mask on your face, while avoiding the eyes and mouth.

Step 3: Wait

Leave the face mask on your skin for like 10-15 minutes for it to absorb dirt, oil, and micro-particles from your face.

Step 4: Rinse Off

After the 10-15 minutes is over, rinse off the face mask using cold/warm water and pat dry your face using a clean and dry face towel.

Step 5: Apply Some Moisturizer

After rinsing off the charcoal face mask apply some moisturizer to your face for continuous hydration.

Step 6: Repeat

Use a charcoal face mask at least twice or thrice a week for excellent results and ensure regularity.


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