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Beard Styles That Best Suit Your Face Shape

Beard Styles That Best Suit Your Face Shape

Beard Styles

Knowing your face shape will help you tender a beard style that best suits you. Besides, growing and nurturing a beard that matches your face shape boosts your overall look, confidence and enhances personal grooming. On the contrary, growing a beard that does not suit you may make you appear lazy, dirty and unkempt. As such, below we have highlighted different beard styles that best suit your face shape.

Round Face Beard Styles

Beard Styles
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A short boxĀ beardĀ on the cheeks complements the round face due to its square shape nature. Additionally, the chin should have a triangularĀ beard or goatee to provide oneā€™s facial appearance with a more defined jawline. TheĀ goateeĀ and the short boxed beard are both good choices forĀ round-faced dudes.

Square Face Beard Styles

Square beard styles
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Square shaped face men are characterized by a strong square jaw and angular shape at the corners of their brows. In such cases, men should try out a more softly- pointed beard. A square beard with sharp lines and right angles will not look good with a broad jawline. Instead, aĀ rounded or triangulated chin area will work well with the square shape face. Therefore, a goatee-style beard will help in smoothening the wide jawbones and create a chiseled look.Ā 

Heart-Shaped Face

Heart shaped beard Styles
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For men with a heart-shaped face, they have a weak chin and their face is thinner at the bottom than the jaw. With this face shape, the beard will only make your face appear smaller. Therefore, you should try to keep it as scruffy as possible since hard lines will only add structure to the cheekbones and widen them in appearance. Moreover, a structured square beard tends to even out the lower half of the face and to provide the appearance of a stronger jawline.

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Oval-Shaped Face

Oval Shaped Beard styles
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For the men with oval- shapes face, their face length is greater than the width of the cheekbones, and the forehead is greater than the jawline. Additionally, the angle of the jaw is rounded rather than sharp. As such, the beard of the oval-shaped face men should not be too long. People should brush out the hair in the opposite direction and trim any that may stick out. Creating sharp lines when trimming the oval shape face beard makes the face feel squarer.

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