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Baba Tree: Ghanaian African Heritage Woven Baskets

Baba Tree: Ghanaian African Heritage Woven Baskets

Baba Tree: Ghanaian African Heritage Woven Baskets

The Baba Tree basket company is retail and wholesale supplier of the finest Bolga Market baskets of their kind. Their baskets are hand woven in Ghana by artisan weavers of the Baba Tree Basket company. These baskets are beautiful and functional and are available in various styles, colors and sizes. They can be utilized as shopping baskets, laundry baskets and hampers, storage baskets, bicycle baskets, baskets to complement your décor and more. The Baba Tree basket company has been preserving the culture of baskets and the Gurunsi community in Bolgatanga for the last 15 years. It is here that an exquisitely woven Baba Tree community of over 250 artisans practice a time-honored weaving technique using elephant grass and their very own rhythm and flow. Each basket comes directly from the hands of the artisan weavers they have collaborated with. Moreover, each luscious curve is the handprint or signature of the weaver who has expertly handcrafted the basket, they celebrate the unique differences in each and every piece.

The Baba Tree Basket company was founded by Gregory MacCarthy. He first travelled to and lived in Ghana since winter 1999. His original mission was to study cultural drumming with the Ga tribe, who are based in the Greater Accra Region. Below, we will highlight some of the baskets created by the Baba Tree Basket Company.

Pot Basket

The pot basket is a piece of art and it is also still functional.  This basket has a multitude of uses like: it can be a chic peg basket, lunchbox, or a pot for flowers.

Waves Basket

The waves basket is made from all natural materials and woven in Bolga by Baba Tree’s incredible artisan weavers, this unique African basket is for storage, decor, shopping and more.

Laundry Basket

This laundry basket marries the traditional culture of baskets with a very modern Bolgatanga Style. This basket is multipurpose and it suits different needs in home like: storing laundry, firewood, children’s toys, or as an indoor planter.

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Handwoven Trays

These handwoven trays can serve double purpose as wall hanging or as a tray. They are beautiful, useful and ethical, and they preserve the rich cultural tradition of the Gurunsi people.

Dugla Art Basket

Dugla translates to the containers that are used locally to store shea butter. From this inspiration, the Baba Tree artisans have interwoven their personal memories and the family rituals involved in the making of shea butter into their individual art baskets.

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