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Art with Bobbie

Art with Bobbie

Creative, Inspiring ,remarkable … are just a few words we could use to describe the artistic and amazing Bruce Ogato Mokaya aka Bobbie.

This is his journey as a visual artist illustrator.

My inspiration to get into illustrations

Growing up I loved drawing. Actually everyone in our family is an artist. We must have all got it from our dad who loved drawing .When we were young he would draw sketches of cartoons on newspapers while filling the crossword puzzles and sudoku; I think it was part of his thinking process, after which he would show to us.  As far as I can trace back, that was where I derived my inspiration from.

How long at it

I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. However, I started taking it seriously when I joined Upper Hill School in 2010. That was when I realized that people liked my work. 

The story behind my pieces …

It might not be necessarily obvious but all my pieces carry my heart and mind in them.

I try and make my art as real and believable as possible. I’m a realist .Also every piece I do goes side by side with my feelings .

What role does art plays in the society

Art to me is a way of self expression.

As humans we express ourselves differently; but a common trait we all possess is the need for a place to vent. This to me means that once you express yourself, a burden lifted off your back. People may express through music, spoken word, drawing, painting etc and in my opinion this could keep people from engaging in bad behavior. And later translate to a better society with people who express themselves freely and peacefully.

Besides illustrations,

Earlier on I had mentioned painting. I started painting in 2016 and so far I have made significant improvement. I love painting but illustrating is my first love .I tried playing the guitar once and I think I’m hopeless in that area.

I’m a 3rd year student at the Multimedia University of Kenya . Pursuing Film Production and balancing that with Art. I’ve never pursued art as a course but can’t also qualify myself as self taught. This is because there are plenty of people I learn from as mentors.

How long does to do a piece

Depends on the size and maybe the materials. I take more time on illustrating than when I’m painting. The longest I’ve ever taken to finish a piece was roughly two weeks and the shortest time was approximately 3 hours.

Ever done a series of illustrations to tell one story …

Yes, I have. I’ve done several storyboards over the years, some as school projects because in film sometimes it is tasked of you to make storyboards and also I’ve done it for clients.

I usually prefer one illustration one story.

Artistic life and loneliness

Artistry and loneliness do not necessarily go together.

To be an artist one needs to socialize and talk to people and I often do that. I also love solitude not loneliness, I believe without great solitude no great work can be achieved.    

Without Art

I would have pursued sports. I love football and I used to be good at it. Lately I have not been playing much.

Artists I would love to work with

Steve Huston, Glenn Vilppu and Bill Perkins. I totally respect this new masters and working with them would be a dream come true.

Current projects

I’m working on several pieces about 20-30, tackling environmental preservation which I’ll exhibit in the National Museum of Kenya April 2018 God willing.









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