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Applying Eyeliner to Your Waterline like An Expert

Applying Eyeliner to Your Waterline like An Expert

Since eye makeup is very sensitive, applying eyeliner needs some prowess. One needs to be a pro, especially when dealing with the eye region called the waterline; the thin and wet strip of flesh where the edge of your eyelid hangs out with your eyeball. Applying eyeliner to the waterline enhances the smoky eye look. Additionally, it makes the eyes look bigger. Furthermore, eye lining makes the lashes look thicker. Therefore, below, we have discussed how you can apply the eyeliner to your waterline like a pro.

Apply Eyeliner to Your Upper Waterline

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Expose Your Upper Waterline

Just gently lift your upper lid to expose the waterline beneath your upper lash line.

Absorb Excess Moisture from the Upper Waterline

Afterward, use a cotton swab and soak up extra moisture along your waterline since it will interfere with your eyeliner application.

Now Apply the Eyeliner

Subsequently, create the eyeliner look. You can use a pencil eyeliner and glide it along the dried area of your lash line. Certainly, you should ensure you do it in front of a mirror with proper lighting.

Now on the Lower Waterline

Expose Your Waterline

Gently pull your lower lid down using your ring finger to expose it.

You will Absorb Excess Moisture

Use a cotton swab to remove excess moisture.

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Apply Eyeliner

Once you have prepped your bottom waterline, trace your eyeliner along the exposed area and swipe the liner on until you have achieved the desired intensity.

How to Apply Eyeliner to Your Upper and Lower Waterline in One Step

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However, if you happen to be in a hurry but you still want to achieve a cute eyeliner look on your waterline, you can work it in one step. Eye line your upper waterline and close your eyes before the product dries. As a result, the eyeliner will transfer the color to the lower waterline.

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