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All You Need To Know About Skin Fasting and the Benefits

All You Need To Know About Skin Fasting and the Benefits

All You Need To Know About Skin Fasting and the Benefits

Do you know letting your skin breathe freely is key to achieve naturally glowing skin? Occasionally, your skin needs a break from the routine to replenish its natural texture. This skincare trend is called skin fasting, the concept of giving your skin a break from the regular skincare routine to make it function more effectively. Yes, that means shelving that night eye cream and hyaluronic acid serum you love so much for a while. Although, before you go for it, there are important things to keep in mind about this skin care trend. Below, we break down everything you need to know about skin fasting.

What is Skin fasting?

Just as fasting, you maintain long intervals between regular food patterns to flush out the toxins in your body, skin fasting is a new age beauty trend based on similar lines. It aims at removing certain products from your skin allowing it to breathe and improve overall. So rather than relying on cleansers, moisturizers and serums for that coveted clean and glowy complexion, you are giving your routine a rest. The voices of this beauty trend characterize this as a skin detox, allowing it to reset and rejuvenate itself.  

Ways in Which Skin-fasting Works

Skin fasting works ideally, when we minimize or stop using any kind of skincare product to enable the skin to rejuvenate on its own. First, the skin has natural oils, and skin fasting helps to improve the natural maintenance system of the skin and detox it.  Second, it strengthens the skin’s protective barrier, which usually degenerates when you overuse skincare products. Finally, it normalises the secretion of natural oils and supports the natural rejuvenation process. 

How Do You Do Skin-fasting?

During skin fasting, you may want to completely abstain from skincare products for several weeks or you can choose not to use any skincare product at night. This way you can still safeguard your skin from the harmful UV rays in the daytime with a mild sunscreen. Here is the systematic guide for you.

First, commence with washing your face thoroughly at night. Then, try not to apply any skincare product at night, in order to let the skin breathe freely. In the morning, wash your face with tepid water to ensure that the natural oils are not stripped off. After letting your skin fast for one night, and you do not experience any irritation or side effects, then continue skin fasting for a few more days, but if your skin is dry skin, moisturize it. If you have oily skin, you should cut down moisturizers from your regime and skin fast.

As you skin fast, drink plenty of water. This will help your skin stay hydrated.

Benefits of Skin Fasting

Skin fasting allows the skin to work at its own pace. It can naturally balance off the oils produced and reset the skin. Another benefit is that it helps the skin to recover in situations where it acts adversely towards certain ingredients. Moreover, it can help you understand how your skin reacts to different products, especially if you are a skincare junkie applying multiple products to your skin each day. It will give you clarity if you are uncertain about the effect each product has on your skin.

Downside of Skin Fasting

Skin fasting deprives your skin of its daily dose of nourishment. It can compromise the protective barriers and increase the risk of dryness.

Skin Fasting Do’s and Do Not’s

Drink enough water to stay hydrated from inside when skin fasting.

Ensure the room humidity level is apt.

Do not do it more than once a week.

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Do not continue with it if it does not feel right after the first attempt.

Do not make your skin fast if you are undergoing any skin treatment.

Do not skin fast if you have recently undergone skin peeling.

Who Can Skin Fast?

If you indulge a lot in skincare products and makeup, skin fasting is recommended to let your skin heal. However, if you think a particular skincare regime is working for you, just continue with the same.

The success of skin fasting varies from person to person. It all depends on your skin type and needs. Refrain from skin fasting if you have extremely dry skin. If you have mildly dry skin, make the transition slow. If you have dry skin, skin fast when the weather is humid.

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