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Adele Dejak: Afro fabulous Jewelry Designer Promoting Sustainability

Adele Dejak: Afro fabulous Jewelry Designer Promoting Sustainability

Adele Dejak: Afro fabulous Jewellery Designer Promoting Sustainability

Trendy, fashionable, and minimalist is the trend in the fashion industry and Adele Dejak is ensuring this trend is diffusing worldwide. Adele Dejak founded the brand in 2008. They make wearable bags, necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets not forgetting some exclusive home decor items with an African twist.

Adele Dejak got her inspiration from her mother and grandmother as they rocked magnificent fabrics and tribal jewellery and this brewed her deep interest of fashion. Later, after graduating from law school it dawned to her that Law was not her passion. Adele enrolled to the London College of Communication in 2000 to study typographic design. Adele then moved to Kenya in 2005 and started creating jewellery for her personal use using horn and brass. Her jewellery awed people and they kept nudging her to start a business from her hobby. She started producing various collections of jewellery and fashion accessories, drawing inspiration from the rich African culture and European culture. Below we have highlighted how Adele Dejak is promoting sustainablity , and featured some of her latest collection.

How Adele Dejak is promoting a sustainable world

The revolutionary movement of embracing a greener lifestyle is quickly gaining momentum in the fashion industry as more people are becoming aware of environmental issues. Adele Dejak honors the earth, which provides the material it uses to make jewelry. Firstly, they upcycle and recycle their jewelry which reduces metal wastes on the earth. When it comes to her own designs, Adele incorporates old brass to create one-of-a-kind wearable objects with a contemporary twist. Secondly, she vets all her raw material suppliers thoroughly to ensure ethics and traceability. Thirdly, Adele Dejak unceasingly strives towards zero wastage at the workshop while still producing durable jewelry to ensure optimum sustainability and a positive impact on the environment with respect to climate change.

How Adele Dejak values humanity

Adele Dejak honours the people behind her creations.  Moreover, she has a zero discrimination policy that ensures none of her workers are treated unfairly.  Secondly, her staff and stakeholders are fairly compensated. Each of her staff is paid according to the nature of the work done and in line with the international standard of paying workers.  Therefore, the brand follows the working hours standards as stipulated by the International Labour Standards. Fourthly, workers of Adele Dejak work safely and in a conducive environment.

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Latest Adele Dejak Collection

Faith Collection

Faith Collection is a visual representation and creative interpretation of hope and trust. This collection gets its inspiration from Africa’s qualities of hope, strength, courage, beauty, prosperity and pride. Faith goes beyond the boundaries of logic and gives hope outside current state of reality.  Despite the numerous challenges Africa has faced over the years, the continent is shining brighter and there is hope for the future.

Malaika Collection

The Malaika Collection is a post-pandemic collection. It is simply an assortment of versatile and sophisticated pieces beautifully crafted with love by her team. Set to shine a rare glimmer in a new era of hope, Malaika capsule features an array of eco-products for people with eco-conscious appetite. It is 100% locally handmade with eco-friendly by-products by Kenyans from Kenya to the world. Malaika collection features bracelets, rings, chokers, earrings, sisal bags with kitenge fabric lining, African beads, brass ear pins, and headbands for a broad spectrum of accessories. Malaika made its debut in the runways of Portugal Fashion Week 2021.

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