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7 Mistakes That Cause Tangled Hair
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7 Mistakes That Cause Tangled Hair

Tangled hair is really disappointing, especially shortly after a day of washing it. Little knowledge of your hair porosity may be the major cause of the issue. Below, we have enlisted some of the most common causes of tangled hair and how to avoid them.

Postponing Washdays

The majority of the women with curly hair wish they could be able to retain the results and texture of the hair immediately after they wash it. The main secret to marinating the curls is by ensuring that the hair is always moisturized. If the hair lacks moisture, it becomes brittle and rough and as a result, the strands become tangled.

Not Using the Right Deep-Conditioner

Whenever you are purchasing a deep-conditioner it is good to know the porosity of your hair in order to avoid buying the wrong product. Suitable deep-conditioners restore the condition of the cuticle and improve its ability to absorb and restore moisture. Women with low porosity hair should avoid using protein deep-conditioners. On the other hand, women with high porosity hair need protein to restore the damaged cuticles.

Not Detangling Your Hair Appropriately

One of the major mistakes that women make is detangling the hair ends but failing to do the same on the hair roots. Moreover, inappropriate detangling may leave knots in the hair. Therefore, in order to detangle appropriately, you should always divide your hair into sections then start detangling from the ends as you approach the roots keenly.

Products Buildup

Additionally, applying too many products on low porosity hair may cause product build-up and as a result, the hair will become tangled easily. Therefore, people should always wash off products to avoid piling.

The Wrong Nighttime Routine

Moreover, friction between the hair cuticles, as they move and rub against each other, causes the hair to tangle. People mostly produce friction as they sleep since the head rubs against the pillow. Some of the ways to prevent your hair from tangling while sleeping is through using pineapple buns or wearing satin scarfs.

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Failure to Trim Your Hair Consistently

Trimming your hair prevent your strands from tangling since the split ends cause friction. The friction results in the formation of tangles and fairy knots. People should visit the hairdresser every three months in order to prevent such occurrences.

Your Clothing Matters

Jackets or tops with high collars can be fashionable and comfortable. However, if you are not wearing a silk scarf, the moisture will be absorbed by the material from the garment. Therefore, try not to wear your hair down when rocking a scarf or clothing that will rub on your hair.

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