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6 Ways to Attain Natural Curly Hair Without Heat Styling

6 Ways to Attain Natural Curly Hair Without Heat Styling

Ever wish you had curly hair without heat styling? Well, you are in luck. Below we have highlighted 8 ways to attain natural curly hair without heat styling.

Twist and Press Wet Hair with a Towel Instead of Rubbing It

The majority of us are guilty of rough rubbing hair each time we leave the shower. However, that vigorous motion destroys the natural curls and encourages an unaesthetic frizz. Therefore, the gentle press and twist method will preserve the curls.

Swap Your Hairbrush for a Wide-Toothed Comb

Curly hair tends to be more dry and brittle than the other hair types. Therefore, if you use a hairbrush to untangle it you are more likely to cause breakages. The best option would be using a wide-toothed comb.

Try Salt Spray

Salt sprays give curly hair more life. Besides, irrespective of the condition of the hair, whether damp or dry, Toni and Guy salt spray spurs flagging curls instantly.

Get A Deep Conditioning Treatment

Conditioners are detailed to seal in the dampness content in the hair shaft. They intensely hydrate the scalp and the hair. Further, the Mosara deep conditioner helps to hydrate the curls since it is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids. Therefore, people should administer such treatments at least once or twice a month.

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Avoid Anti-Frizz Products

Anti-frizz products tend to eliminate the natural curls. Hence, avoid Shampoos, conditioners, and serums containing Sodium Laureth, Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate, Sodium Xylene sulfonate, Ethyl PEG-15 Cocamine Sulfate, Sodium Cocoyl Sarcosinate and drying alcohols. Although curly hair is often dry, Alterna Bamboo Smooth Shampoo has the capability of nourishing the strands while defining the tousles effortlessly.

Swap Your Hair Serum for a Light Curl Crème

Hair serums are great for smoothing down curls and straightening your hair. The formula of Marini Naturals Curling Gel helps to define and enhance our natural curl.

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