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6 Trendy Haircuts for Men

6 Trendy Haircuts for Men

Men can select from a wide variety of trendy haircuts which have the ability to boost one’s fashion sense. Barbers characterize black men’s hair by a rough texture, large volumes, and dark color. The key to keeping the afro hair in shape is to understand the type of care that one needs to administer based on its properties and desired styles. Below includes some of the tips for cool hairstyles for black men.  

The flat top

The flat top is a trendy haircut that is characterized by hair that is tapered to the sides and works up towards a flat top. The style blends well on afro hair and provides a striking look without losing its coolness. The barber normally skin fades the sides and works up to provide a squared flat top effect. Afro combs help in maintaining the hair’s shape while at home.

The natural afro

In order to achieve natural afro, people should use products that enhance curls and increase length of the hair without emphasis on uniformity. People should allow it to grow and applying moisturizing oil on the tip to promote healthy hair.  


Dreads trendy haircut is mainly composed of tightly twisted hairs that grow over time and develop to dreadlocks. In order to achieve this style, twist your hair in your palm and roll using wax. It has to be two inches or longer. Additionally, it is necessary not to put too much tension on the dreadlocks as it will be uncomfortable and painful on the scalp.

The hard parting

 The hard parting hairstyle involves shaving and separating one side of the hair, but the overall appearance generally depends on one’s preference. Barbers use combs to separate the parting during the normal maintenance of the style.

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Short afro with fade

The short afro with a fade is a classic, modern and versatile appearance and is comprised of a neatly faded back. There needs to be some difference in length of the hair in order to create the perfect contrast between the afro and fade.


The braids is a trendy haircut that contains organized rows of plaited hair. Its main advantage is the striking appearance and low maintenance levels. Salons can offer great help while styling this design.

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