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6 Common Make Up Mistakes People Make

6 Common Make Up Mistakes People Make

6 Common Make Up Mistakes People Make

Everyone has their own special way of doing make up, though not everyone is a pro. There is always a thought in the back of the mind of any person who is applying makeup that is like, “Am I doing this right?” Honestly, people do make mistakes in their makeup applications .If you have ever compared your makeup application to what you see pro artists or influencers do and wonder why your job did not turn out as well, we got you. Below we have highlighted 6 common make up mistakes people make.

Not Using Primer

Skipping skin prep before applying foundation is a no-no, a primer is necessary. Primer helps hold makeup longer by creating a barrier between skin and make up. Without a primer, your makeup will eventually melt into your skin, and you will have to touch up more often throughout the day. If you have ever wondered about makeup mistakes, not using primer is a huge one. 

Not Using Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is another secret weapon too many people skip. As a substance that exists naturally in your body it replenishes moisture in your skin. Remember, skin gets dehydrated even more easily as we age and not using hyaluronic acid is one of the most common makeup mistakes that make you look older. Bring your skin back to a bouncy, youthful glow by making sure you use hyaluronic acid.

Doing Foundation Before Eye Make Up

Many people tend to perfect their foundation and then start eye makeup, this wastes time. Do your eyes first so any fallout from eye shadow and/or messed-up mascara/liner can be fixed easily. After you are done with eyes, then do your foundation. This will save time from redoing your foundation.

Putting on Concealer Before Foundation

Some people apply concealer on their skin before foundation, this is a huge make up mistake. Know that foundation supports everything that goes on after it.

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Applying Too Much Concealer

Applying too much concealer and taking it too high under the eyes is another make up mistake. Too much causes the concealer to cake and crease in all the fine lines. On the other hand, applying in thin layers is key.

Holding on to Trends for too Long

One of the biggest mistakes people make is sticking to a makeup trend after it has passed. It ends up making the wearer look older and dated. It is the equivalent of wearing skinny jeans now that wide-leg trends are in style. It can make you look out of touch.

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