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5 Casual Shirts That Every Man Should Have

Since fashion is incredibly fun and empowering, here are five casual shirts that every man should have. Dress codes ultimately control how others perceive us whether we like it or not. They silently express how we feelings, interests and thinking. Men’s dress code is simple as compared to women’s and it is quite easy to create a perfect blend. Moreover, a good fashion sense and taste always earn men attraction from the ladies. As such, below we have listed five casual shirts that every man should have. 

Chinese/Mandarin Collar Shirt

The Chinese collar spices up the boring traditional collar look. The shirt has a unique standing collar. The Chinese have worn the shirt over centuries, but recently, it has received a major fashion boost. The Chinese collar shirt is an awesome attire to add to your wardrobe as it adds an element of class to your look.

Denim Shirt

One of the great things about the denim trend is its versatility. It has been in fashion and it has become an essential part of the men’s wardrobe all over the world. It provides a clean, minimal and refreshing look as opposed to other shirts. The denim shirts come in either long sleeves or short sleeves. People can use them as smart casual and can wear them to dates, corporate parties, or semi-formal meetings.

Linen Shirt

The linen shirt is must-have wear when it comes to keeping smart and comfortable. This shirt looks relaxed and neat and casual.

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Floral Shirt

Oversized Tropical Floral Shirt - ShopperBoard

Nowadays, it is not only women who can rock the floral patterns. Floral shirts are very stylish for men. Whether you opt for a shirt with the subtle embellishment of a flower on the breast pocket or ones with the print all over, you will be bringing a fresh pop of design and color. 

Stripped Shirt

Striped shirts, both formal and casual, have never been out of style. They give you the freedom to create dressy, smart-casual and luxurious outfits. All you need is to mix a striped top with the right bottoms. Keep in mind, vertical stripes make you seem taller, while horizontal stripes can make you look wider.

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