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2020 Spring/Summer Fashion Trends

2020 Spring/Summer Fashion Trends

Although everything is a bit of a guessing game, checking out designer runways can help one to predict upcoming spring/summer fashion trends for 2020. We still expect neon, bright electric colors and tropical prints to remain as unique fashion designs this year. Many of the trends have retro inspirations including 70s suits, 80s shoulders, feathers, short-shorts, pleats, fringes and other designs. In case you did not pay much attention to the 2019 runway shows, then have no fear. Below, we have listed 9 different spring/summer fashion trends that we expect to witness throughout 2020.

Pleats Galore

Pleat galore was a major hit in the 2020 spring/summer collection and we expect it to be a big trend this year. Pleated long dresses are a design of the 1960s. but it is new and all fresh again.

Red Sherbet

The electric red dress was also an eye-catching look of the 2020 spring/summer runways. The golden metal accessories highlighted the feminine silhouettes at its best. The trend is expected to continue this year owing to its free nature, which makes it appropriate for warm weather.

Pink Ruffles

The 80s trend is back and better. The pink ruffle was a big trend of the 2020 spring/summer runway. This year it is expected to be a major fashion design for major events and photoshoot. 

Wafty White Dresses

This year seems like the boon time for wafty white dresses. Of course, that does not mean that your old nightgown is an option. Consider this carefree look this summer as you steer clear of children, pets, and red wine.

Lots of Fringes

Lots of fringes are a trend that adds drama and attention to your look. It is also fun since it twirls around you.  

Puff Sleeves

The puff sleeve is already popular. Nevertheless, according to the runway analysts, it will be back and better than it ever came. Just look at how puffy it is!

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Sheer Monochrome Dresses

The newly sensual outlay speaks sexiness more insistently than any other design.  Sheer fabric points to a new era of body confidence. We expect it to be a major trend this year.

Artful Designs

Artful designs create attention to the outfit. This will also be a big trend this year.

Silk and Satin Jumpsuits

Silk and satin jumpsuits are a major trend as they are radiant, mixed with utilitarian pockets and have long billowing sleeves. We predict that this design will be much desirable all round 2020.

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