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How to walk in heels

How to walk in heels

Heels have a way of making one look like they made an effort to dress up even if you’re just wearing jeans and a t-shirt. They make you look  sharp and confident.  Their good effects can only be noticed however if you are wearing them well. Now I want you to rock those shoes with confidence so I’ll give you tips on how to walk in heels; thank me later.

  • Start small. Do not be embarrassed to start with lower heels of like two inches as they help you practice and stay safe. Do not go straight to 6 inch ones as you may hurt yourself walking. Get pretty and stylish ones though; they don’t have to be ugly just because they’re short.

  • Start with wedges. Wedges have more support and are easier to walk in as they have a flat base. They will also prepare your feet for the inclined state that they’ll be in in heels and make it comfortable for you.

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  • Invest in strapies. Apart from their stylish nature, they are also more comfortable ad they provide support to your ankles.

  • Do not lean. Do not lean on sides of your shoes as this will make you look weird and it can hurt your ankles. Try walking as straight as possible. Heel to toe rule. Always walk from the heel to the toe. This might look tiresome and slow but trust me it will make you walk better. The more you do it the faster you’ll get.
  • Practice! practice! practice!- well practice does make perfect. Do so on a straight line to make your walk even better.
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